Abraham Ogunmefun
18 Jun 2018


Abraham Ogunmefun joined the Digital Pathways programme after completing his A Levels. He wasn’t sure what he wanted to do and felt that the programme would help him to identify his next steps.

He chose to take part in the Emerging Technologies route, as he was interested in exploring different technologies. While he was at Soapbox, he developed a mobile app which created healthy recipes from ingredients, using the inbuilt bar code. The aim is to create healthy meals which will tackle obesity – and also reduce food waste.

Abraham enjoyed this so much, he is looking to take it to the production level and has already started to secure money through Crowdfunding.

He has always been a very confident, well rounded individual, but needed help to articulate himself when going for jobs. He worked closely with his employability coach and his communication has grown really strong. So much so, that he did really well at a recent interview and looks likely to be accepted as a Personal Training Instructor for the Royal Airforce. Well done Abraham!

Abraham said “I’ve really enjoyed my time on the Digital Pathways programme. I feel stronger as an individual and have learnt some valuable digital skills. I’m looking forward to my future. Thank you so much to everyone for all your help!”