Brian Katongole
19 Jun 2018


Brian Katongole wanted to increase his skills and confidence, so he could move into education and ultimately begin a successful career. When he started the Digital Pathways programme, he was shy, but immediately stood out as someone who wanted to learn as much as possible.

He was enthusiastic, a great listener and really encouraging to his peers. He worked closely with them to make sure they learnt from each other as well as their tutors.

Brian recently worked with a digital marketing company to help them to produce a promotional video to attract more participants onto the programme. This involved him speaking on camera -which really helped him to present himself clearly and confidently.

During his time at Soapbox, he created a fitness app to help tackle childhood obesity. He developed this concept and product as fitness is something he feels really passionate about. He also created a Crowdfunding page to raise money to get the product to market. He really enjoyed this entrepreneurial project!

Brian has also created a fabulous website, including a video CV where you can hear all about his skills and what his next goals are (

Brian commented "I would really recommend this course to people, as it's fun and very interactive. I've gained invaluable skills and my confidence has really increased. I feel certain I will be able to succeed now."

Brian has been accepted onto a BTEC Level 3 Business course at New City College and is looking forward to getting his qualification.