Jadzia Nicholas
13 Jun 2018


Jadzia Nicholas, aged 16 knew that school wasn’t right for her.  She felt that she wasn’t learning what she needed to, in order to achieve her passion of getting into the creative industry.

After careful conversations with the school and family, she decided to leave school and do her GCSEs privately.  As soon as she saw details of the Digital Pathways programme, she knew it was going to be right for her.

While on the programme, she made sure she stayed focused and got as much out of the programme as possible.  She asked her tutors to additionally teach her some photoshop skills, as she’s keen to get experience in editing.

Jadzia said “I’m really enjoying my time on the Digital Pathways programme.  I feel more confident than before that I will be able to get a job in the creative industry.  I’m looking forward to my future.”