Lucas Lane
6 Jun 2018


Lucas Lane joined the Digital Pathways programme when he was 17 years old.  He had just completed his GCSEs and BTEC Level 1 in ICT.  He has always had a real interest in computer engineering and was particularly keen on Virtual Reality.  The Digital Pathways programme caught his eye, as he was keen to learn as much as possible about the Digital industry, increase his skills and get help to secure a Digital Apprenticeship.

While on the programme, he chose the Emerging Technologies route, so he could build on his interest in VR.  He approached the team at Soapbox about work experience, as he was keen to get as much exposure to the sector as possible.  Soapbox were really impressed with his confidence and genuine interest to learning.  As an organisation, they are committed to supporting local people into jobs, so had no hesitation in offering him a job as an Apprentice.

As an Apprentice, he solves both hardware and software problems, organises and attends events promoting tech to young people and helps with music technology. 

Lucas said “I’m so excited to have a job where I work with emerging technologies.  I love working with computers and encouraging young people to explore the exciting world of VR.  All the staff at Soapbox have been really supportive towards my development and I have valued having two mentors to guide me as I learn.  I’m excited about my future!”